With over 1,100 department stores in 49 states, Kohl’s is one of the most popular physical stores and an online and app-based shopping destination. The most important thing to remember is that Kohl’s offers the option to purchase a Kohl’s credit card through Capital One, which provides discounts and other benefits to loyal customers, including the chance to become a Most Valuable Customer if you spend $600 per year.Kohls-Credit-Card Due to the various discount programs combined on the Kohl Credit Card, it is beneficial for those who are used to frequent visits to the retail network and those who use it frequently due to the various discount programs combined in the process. In addition, it also helps to find the best price that can be associated with the product. You need to activate your card after signing up to pay bills, earn rewards, save money with discount offers, and more.

Ways To Activate Your Kohls Credit Card

Online Kohls Credit Card Activation

To activate your Kohl’s Card online, you must follow the instructions below:

  • You must first visit this link
  • As a preliminary step to activating the Kohls Credit Card, the cardholder must register the card, which is possible on the “Login” page.
  • To register for a Kohl’s credit card, click “Register Now.”.
  • Here, the user must enter the 12-digit code printed on the front of the Kohl credit card and click submit.
  • Within a few minutes, the credit card to be activated, and the recipient will receive an email with a link so they can either create a Kohl account or log in to their existing account.

Through Phone

You can also activate your Kohl’s credit card over the phone. To activate your card, call (800) 954-0244 or 855-565-5748. They will ask for your personal information. After verifying your details, we will activate your card in a few minutes.

Activating Kohls Credit Card In-Store

You can also activate the Kohl’s Credit Card in-store. If you are shopping and have a credit card, you must present your credit card with a photo ID, and the cashier will activate your card.