Rewards And Benefits

Kohls is a popular shopping destination and includes online and retail stores in various physical locations. There are currently 1,100 Kohl’s department stores in 49 states. To have more freedom when shopping, you can withdraw a credit card from them. Capital One issues the credit card and offers discounts and other benefits.Kohls-Credit-Card Your loyalty program, Kohl’s Rewards, has just been launched and is your new (and improved) way to reward your customers. The program combines the benefits of Kohl’s Charge, Yes2You, and Kohl’s Cash. The Kohl’s Rewards loyalty program gives shoppers more accessible ways to save.

Rewards For Kohls Shoppers And Cardholders

  • With New Kohl’s Rewards, you can earn 5% Kohl’s Cash on every purchase, every day, online and in-store, instead of just during specific promotional periods.
  • All shoppers, including Kohl’s Rewards members, can earn $10 in Kohl’s Cash for every $50 spent on Kohl’s Cash promotional events! That’s in addition to the 5% you already make on every purchase!
  • With the Kohls Credit Card, you can earn a 7.5% bonus on every purchase.
  • On the last day of each month, Kohl’s will send Kohl’s Cash Coupons for every $5 of Kohl’s Rewards in your Kohl’s Rewards account. Vouchers are issued digitally via email or the Kohl’s app on the first of the following month.


  • You earn the Most Valuable Customer status if you spend $600 on your Kohl’s Card in a calendar year. By becoming an MVC, you can take advantage of additional savings and offers throughout the year.
  • You’ll also get exclusive free shipping regularly to stack with your other offers and Kohl’s Cash.
  • Give unique birthday gifts, birthday gifts, and access to exclusive monthly discounts.

Benefits Of Kohls Credit Card

  • Registration Bonus

Get an additional 25% off your first purchase on your Kohl’s Charge account. You also get a 15% discount if you receive your card.

  • Discounts

Each year, you will benefit from 12 discounts applied to your purchases.

  • Become A More Valuable Customer

Spend at least $600 on your Kohl credit card, and you’ll become a Most Valuable Customer (MVC). MVCs receive 18 or more discounts per year.